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LISTEN: If you want the best abs a man can get, forget about those bunches of crunches and situps. They're murder on your spine — and they may actually do more harm than good.

The only REAL way to build solid, leaner, stronger, more muscular abs is with a full-spectrum approach that works on your core and all the connecting muscle systems from your shoulders and back down to your hips, pelvis, and knees!


Lou SchulerDue to a freak accident involving a several-hundred-pound tree trunk and a series of other injuries, certified strength and conditioning specialist and Men's Health columnist Lou Schuler needed to change the structure of his workouts.

With a loss of strength and a narrower range of exercise choices — and less time to spend in the weight room — he honestly expected to get weaker, smaller, and fatter.

But he didn't. His new workout system born of necessity — and confirmed by cutting-edge research — surprised even him. His strength stabilized. He replaced lost muscle. And most amazing of all, he got leaner.

Bottom line, he was lighter and faster than he'd been in years, even though he was spending less time in the weight room AND using lighter weights when he was there.

Combining his discovery with veteran trainer and strength coach Alwyn Cosgrove's newly developed workout setup led quickly to the breakthrough new rules and powerful workouts now available in The New Rules of Lifting for Abs.

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