So says author Lou Schuler of veteran trainer Alwyn Cosgrove's tough-as-nails exercises in their book, The New Rules of Lifting for Abs.

Based squarely on the latest cutting-edge research and practical in-the-gym experience, this how-to workout guide brings you crazy-hard new rules and exercises that can transform your body as it builds an invincible core and a pain-free back.

Are you tough enough for these punishing workouts?

Strength training: Discover 3 levels of grueling strength-training exercises for camera-ready abs. These 20-minute sessions are hard ... but they're the right kind of hard that gets results! Page 164

Click here to try them all FREE for 21 days!Power training: Strength is the ability to move weight. POWER is the ability to move weight fast. See how to boost your speed on page 167.

Metabolic training: Push the limits of your metabolism to help you burn more post-workout calories. Page 153

Dynamic warmups: Lunge, jump, hop, skip, shuffle — you've never seen heart-pumping, joint-stretching warmups like these. If you do only two of these warmup options, do the ones for the thoracic spine and the hips. See page 101.

Core stabilization exercises: Rarely seen in health clubs, these strength- and endurance-building progressions focus on slow-twitch muscle fibers. They may look crazy, but they're great for developing endurance for safer heavy lifting. Page 37

Dynamic stabilization moves: Add moving parts to your workouts to bring more fast-twitch muscle fibers into the mix. They'll force you to safely stabilize around your core as they increase balance and coordination. Page 59

Integrated stabilization exercises: These way-out-of-the-ordinary moves are perfect for helping your core muscles stabilize an unbalanced load — to protect your spine under conditions you'll find in sports and everyday life. Page 77

For each of the hundreds of exercises revealed here, you'll get easy-to-follow, step-by-step photos and directions to help ensure proper form and help you get the most out of every exercise. This cutting-edge program debunks old myths ... pushes your limits ... keeps you motivated — and it works like crazy! CLICK HERE NOW to get started!

No more excuses! The perfect plan for every man

No matter what type of workouts you're doing now, The New Rules of Lifting for Abs will help take you to a higher level. For example...

DEDICATED LIFTER? If you've developed strength and size at the expense of mobility and other functional qualities, then you KNOW it's time for smarter, full-spectrum workouts.

WEIGHT SPECIALIST? You KNOW you'd be better at soccer, tennis, or basketball if you were lighter, leaner, and stronger. And you KNOW muscle and strength imbalances can create problems down the road.

PERPETUAL BEGINNER? If you're great at starting but quickly lose interest in ordinary, cookie-cutter programs, then you KNOW you need something challenging that delivers.

CARDIO JUNKIE? Are your workouts based on a lap around the circuit machines and an hour on the treadmill? Then you KNOW it's time for something new that REALLY works.

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